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Paul Abel

Restoration Manager

Physical plant manager


Paul has been working with The Natives since its inception in 1984, and has gained a lifetime of knowledge and experience in native plants, plant ecology, and our ecosystems, especially upland communities. 

He manages all restoration projects from site preparation through maintenance.  He frequently custom designs, and assembles, calibrates and operates herbicide equipment and has an herbicide application certification by FDACS for natural areas, aquatics, right-of-way, and commercial landscape maintenance.  He has gained much knowledge through experience on effective herbicides and their rates. Our seed harvesters and seeding equipment are also managed and often reconfigured by him for maximum effectiveness.

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Nancy a

Nancy Bissett

Restoration Ecologist


Sarah and Nolan

Sarah Kiefer
Business manager

Sarah has been with The Natives for over 30 years beginning when she was a biology student at UCF.  Sarah has been responsible for developing new propagation methods for many plants never before grown.  She has worked up the ranks from propagation manager to Nursery Manager and now to Business manager.

Sarah controls our “Purse Strings”! Something we are vary grateful for.



Graduate of Florida Southern College  with BS. degree in horticulture and botany, June 1980

Co-owner of The Natives, Inc. a nursery growing only Florida native plants since 1982

As the developer of The Natives nursery, Nancy has experimented with the propagation and growth of many natives plants, including grasses, wildflowers, and rare species.  She has also developed techniques for restoring many upland communities including scrub, sandhill, and flatwoods that include planting, direct-seeding native groundcovers, and weed control.  As a botanist she has helped federal, state, and local authorities find and evaluate rare plant communities, and has found new rare plant locations and a new scrub mint.

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