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If you’re interested in Pygmy Fringe trees, we do grow a few plants each year. They do grow wild deep in the virgin woods of our property. Deep in our woods one can find another rare and -one might say- endangered creature. We call him “Hermit Steve”. Out of view to all cept humming birds, bees and turkeys (who will stand behind the man as he weeds waiting to get to his blueberries), Steve has developed a small nursery block as a testing and generation facility. Hermit Steve has a remarkable mastery of classical horticultural practices that are fast becoming a lost art. He is also extremely knowledgeable on Florida native plants and where they occur naturally. He is responsible for developing many of the native plant cultivars (all from the wild) that are used by the thousands these days in our commercial, institutional, and FDOT landscapes; including several Viburnum obovatum, Myrcianthes fragrans, and Ilex vomitoria cultivars.

However, he does subject many of his experimental plants to the most abominable situations. Such as extreme crowding, night irrigation, nutrient saturation, miscegenation, immolation, and purposely, and with malice of aforethought, jacking the plants off the ground so as to experience the full torture of 13 degree F nighttime lows! Hermit Steve creates huge compost piles - not from dead plants - but rather from the living plants that don’t measure up to his expectations! Hermit Steve LOVES to collect genetic abnormalities, especially those that result in small leaves, sort stature, or such compact growth that shearing is not necessary.

We sincerely believe that Steve needs help from especially understanding souls! Real human contact! We have agreed to introduce his latest product through The Natives Inc. Steve is producing “Proto Bonsai” pine and holly cultivars. Using the classical techniques, Steve is grafting “witches broom” scion from several Pinus species onto South Florida Pine root stock.